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Lot Sweeping

Dirty Parking Lot?

Look around your parking lot, do you see leaves, drink cans, snack wrapping, cigarette butts, dirt and debris? Don't let a dirty parking lot give your business a bad image.

What is the first thing a customer sees as they are parking and walking into your business? – Your Parking Lot!

A clean, well maintained parking area free of clutter and debris portrays success. An unkept parking area is a poor reflection on your business. Our services will help you maintain a professional image.

Whether you need a one-time property cleanup, or a service that handles all your regular sweeping and property maintenance needs, Snyder Lawn and Landscape is the choice for quality and reliability. We guarantee our work!

Maintaining the Image of Your Property

Studies have shown that cleanliness ranks as a top factor in determining where people shop.. Here are some of the major reasons for sweeping your property regularly:

• Even the most beautiful landscaping project is negated by a parking area which is cluttered with debris. If it has objects which might flatten a tire, people hesitate to drive in due to the potential for tire damage.
• When a parking area is clean to begin with, shoppers are more careful throwing trash out of their cars when they come to shop.
• Sand, dirt and other trash are abrasive, and will shorten the useful life of pavement, as well as the length of service time of any sealcoating, striping, etc.
• When a parking area remains unswept for a long enough period, it will attract rodents and other potentially disease-carrying or dangerous animals.
• Keeping litter picked up reduces the chances of slip-and-fall injuries, as well as the business property’s potential liability in any resultant lawsuits.


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